SANLAM iTRADE Presents: Shares Made Simple Part I

This course demystifies the stock market step-by-step for you

Course Summary

In this introductory course, you’ll learn the basics about the stock market.

The Sanlam iTrade Online team, will guide you through the most important concepts related to the stock market.

You will learn what the costs involved in investing or trading using the Sanlam iTrade Online system are.

This course will also use real-life examples of existing shares and show you how to value them and find the right ones for you and your portfolio.

We will also cover the basics of fundamental investing, ratios and valuations.


Why Take This Course?

  • You want to start learning from the very beginning about the stock market
  • You want to understand important stock market terminology
  • You want to learn about investing and why it is important for you
  • You want to learn which products and services will suit your needs and what the costs are
  • You want to start investing with Sanlam iTrade Online

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Q: How long is this course?

A: This course should take you less than an hour but you can always finish it in stages, at your own pace and come back later!

Q: Can I take this course more than once?

A: Of course, once you have registered you take it as many times as you want!

Q: What does this course cost?

A: Nothing! It's all free!

Q: What can I do if I have more questions after the course?

A: Join the forum and talk to the Sanlam iTrade Online Online professionals right now.

Q: Do I have to know anything about finance to take this course?

A: No! In fact the less you know the better. This course will start right from the beginning.

What Will I Receive When I Finish?

You will receive an official certificate in your profile once you have completed the course which you can print. You will also have the opportunity to sign-up for a Sanlam iTrade Online Online account.

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You'll learn


Basics Of The Stock Market

A quick introduction to the stock market

Price vs Value Of A Share

Learn the difference between the price of a share and its real value

Transaction Cost Breakdown

A breakdown of the costs involved when you trade

The Fundamentals of Share Investing

How to analyse a company and understand its financial statements

The P/E Ratio As An Evaluation Tool

How to use the P/E Ration to evaluate shares

Using A PE Ratio

This video shows you exactly how to use a PE ratio

How To Use The iTrade Platform

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